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Joggling and Triathlon Juggling



When you combine running and juggling, you get joggling!  Bob and Trish are two of the world's fastest jogglers.  They started joggling together in July of 2010 and have participated in numerous races across the country (often finishing among the top runners).  Bob and Trish hold the world records for the fastest 5K (3.1 miles) and 10K (6.2 miles) while juggling 3 objects.  Trish has joggled a 5K in 19:46 and a 10K in 42:53.  Bob has joggled a 5K in 16:34 and a 10K in 35:38.  


In July of 2012, Bob and Trish became the first people to complete a triathlon (swim, bike, run) race while juggling 3 balls the whole way.  Check out the video!


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Bob and Trish Evans are a husband and wife entertainment duo. They met in 2004 at Michigan Technological University through a group called Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Bob and Trish were both college athletes for the Michigan Tech Huskies. Bob played basketball and Trish participated in cross-country running and Nordic skiing. Bob and Trish began juggling together in 2006. They can juggle beanbags, balls, rings, clubs, baseball bats, knives, torches and more! Bob and Trish also ride unicycles. They also do acrobatics and combine acrobatics and juggling to create acrojuggling. Bob and Trish are influenced and inspired by the great husband-wife acrojuggling duo, Jack and Jeri Kalvan. Bob and Trish like to travel. They live in Green Valley, Arizona (near Tucson and Sahuarita) during the academic year where they work as high school teachers. In the summers, Bob and Trish travel across the country to work in the Upper Peninsula of Northern Michigan where they work as summer camp coordinators at Michigan Tech. Bob and Trish like to travel to California (especially San Diego and Los Angeles), Colorado (especially Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs). Bob and Trish also enjoy visiting Moab, Utah where they take their unicycles in the mountains to muni (mountain unicycle). Bob and Trish were both raised in Wisconsin. Trish comes from Iron River, WI (near Superior, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota). Bob comes from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin which is between Milwaukee and Madison. Bob and Trish juggle Renegade clubs. Bob and Trish like to travel to juggling festivals all over the United States. Bob and Trish specialize in school assemblies (both Bob and Trish are highly-qualified teachers with much experience in the classroom, fairs (Bob and Trish are regulars at the 4th Avenue Street Fair in Tucson, Arizona), festivals and churches (Bob worked for a year as a young adult minister and has done several juggling sermons). Bob is a physical education and health teacher. Trish is a math and science teacher with a minor in Spanish. Trish enjoys traveling to Costa Rica. Bob and Trish also offer circus skills workshops and teach community juggling classes. Bob and Trish have several videos on youtube. Bob has been featured on ESPN and for his basketball juggling trick shot video. Trish is a singer-song writer who plays the piano (keyboard) and guitar. In September 2011, Bob and Trish will embark on a 10-month road trip in an attempt to visit every state. Bob and Trish enjoy running. They both wear vibram five finger toe shoes. Bob and Trish enjoy going to concerts. Some of their favorite musical artists are Matt Wertz, Eric Hutchinson, Dave Barnes, Sara Bareilles, Marie Digby and Matt Costa. Bob was involved with “100 Miles for 2 Big Smiles” which was a 100-mile charity unicycle ride for two boys with leukemia. Bob and Trish are active members of the Tucson Juggling Club that meets at the University of Arizona in Tucson and occasionally pass clubs with the Phoenix Juggling Club (Aerial Mirage). Bob and Trish also like to play unicycle basketball with the Arizona Unicycle Club. Bob and Trish are both members of the International Jugglers’ Association (IJA) and enjoy watching the World Juggling Federation (WJF) competitions. Bob and Trish have insurance and are fully-insured performers. Bob performs on a six foot (6’) giraffe unicycle. Bob and Trish enjoy learning and performing a variety of circus skills. Bob and Trish have experience working in Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools. Bob and Trish had a video audition for America’s Got Talent and were commended for their outstanding talent.